About Us

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Logan Davidson. I was raised in rural Beaman, a town of 200 in central Iowa. After high school I attended the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls and earned a B.S. in Biology. During my college years I met my future husband Trevor while visiting a friend in Ames. He works on a farm with his family outside of Northwood. Upon graduation I moved to Northwood and we were married in July 2015.

A Little Bit About Deer Creek Quilting
As far back as I remember my mother was always working on some sort of sewing project. She would set up her Singer Featherweight in the dining room and she would sew all weekend. Even at family reunions we would all get together and pass the time with sewing a project to commemorate the occasion. At a young age I was taught how to measure, cut and sew together quilts. I started off with doll size quilts and eventually grew from there.
I started longarm quilting on a trip back home. I was at the local quilt shop in Conrad, IA (Hen & Chicks Studio) where my mother works. The owner asked if I had any desire to quilt some store samples for her. I did not know how to run the machine but I was up to the challenge. After some training I was hooked.
In August 2015 I was fortunate enough to start Deer Creek Quilting out of our home in Northwood. I love the creative process that goes into making each quilt special. Knowing that I am being a part of making a family heirloom makes me happy. Growing up learning how to piece quilts has given me a deep appreciation for the time and effort it takes to make each quilt. I think it is important to dedicate the same amount of effort to the quilting process. I look forward to serving the north Iowa and southern Minnesota area.